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CELPE-BRAS Examination Preparation

What’s the CELPE-Bras?


The CELPE-Bras (Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros) is the only official and recognized diploma of Portuguese language studies for foreigners. The exam was established by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) in cooperation with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). It is internationally recognized as proof of competence in the Portuguese language. The test examines written and spoken communication skills in Brazilian Portuguese in different every day situations. Once having taken the exam you will be placed in one of the following levels:


·          Intermediário

·          Intermediário Superior

·          Avançado

·          Avançado Superior


Level of Portuguese needed:

At least intermediate level


Course CELP-Bras Program


Two week intensive Prep course:


The last two weeks before the exam. Every day, four lessons per day (20 lessons per week)


Intensive Course price: Please take a look in our price list



Examination date:

The exam is given twice a year in April and October at the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA). Next examination dates are in April 2014.


Course description:

A Qualified native teachers will prepare you for the examination, using all types of texts, radio and TV reports, interviews, and picture material to develop your listening, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing ability. This course focuses on both the written and spoken aspects of the Portuguese language and gives you the means to deal with any situation you might encounter in the CELPE examination.


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Next examination:

April  2014!


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