PDE-5 inhibitors viagra, cialis, Levitra, Stendra and their generics are by far the most effective drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, even they are not always able to express themselves fully. And “blame” here is not the drugs.

As shown by the results of a recent study conducted by the Spanish andrologami, 70% of men who have a bad experience with the use of inhibitors of PDE 5, took them wrong. According to Professor of Urology at the University of California, Jacob Rajfera, the root of all ills-starved men simply do not know how to take these drugs. In order to break this vicious circle, we offer you the 6 most common errors associated with the acquisition of PDE 5 inhibitors.

Some men (in the aforementioned study such there were 3%) think that’s enough to take a pill and relax: it will do everything for you. However, in the absence of sexual stimulation effect of Viagra (Sialis, Levitra …) is comparable to those of placebo. Sexual arousal causes the brain to generate appropriate nerve impulses that run the entire sequence required for erection of biochemical reactions. “Drinking the pill is not worth sit idly by waiting for a miracle,” said Prof. Raifer-“sine qua non inclusion in the work is any kind of sexual stimulation, love games, etc.”

If you have not tried to imagine the maximum permissible dose, you have no reason to claim its effectiveness. A similar mistake 31% of survey participants. Yes, the desire to start with small doses of naturally: really, who wants to “pump up” themselves superfluous. However, the reality is that the doses chosen may not be enough to obtain the appropriate therapeutic effect. For most men, disappointed in viagra and Sialise, fair formula: If the drug doesn’t work — it is necessary to increase the dose, “notes Prof. Raifer-“with this increase must occur within the specified instructions for use”. The only exception to this rule is the existence of health problems such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis. In such cases the reception of PDE 5 inhibitors must be negotiated with the doctor who will pick up an optimum in terms of effectiveness and safety of drug dose.

Most generic drugs present on our market today, represent the countries of Eastern Europe, India, and international subsidiaries of transnational companies, pereorientirovavšihsâ for dženerikovoe production.

About 20% of the participants in the study regularly committed another mistake: took viagra and Levitra immediately or after a short time after eating. In fact, these two drugs is much more effective, if taken on an empty stomach. “If your stomach is full, absorbed in the bloodstream can only half of the drug,” explains Prof. Raifer — that is, taking 100 mg sildenafil, goals to reach only 50 mg.
It should be mentioned that this applies to Viagra and, to a lesser extent, Levitra. Cialis same can be taken with food.

Another common mistake: too eager happens every sixth man. In the instructions for use of each drug is given the time to reach the maximum concentration in the blood. For example, Viagra he averaged 1:00 for discount viagra-2-3 hours. Please note that we are talking here not about the beginning and peak of the drug. The same Levitra works within any 15-20 minutes, but on full revs “flywheel” her actions unwinds after an average of 1:00 from the moment of reception.

Don’t lose heart after the first “pharmacological” failures: perhaps we should consistently try some PDE 5 inhibitors receive modes? Prof. Raifer recommends that you use the following tactics: in the beginning, try to imagine a minimum dose of the drug and even if it doesn’t work, try at least once. When you move on to the next stage of failure and do so until until “na?upaete” the optimal dose. The main thing is to make more than one attempt with each dose, because one “Flash in the Pan” would not be credible testimony to the inefficiency of this particular dosage.

If you want your “Union” with PDE 5 inhibitors was really fruitful — try more than one drug. Focusing on a single product without attempting to try something else — the most common mistake that allowed 40% of survey participants. According to Prof. Rajfera, reaction every patient on pharmacotherapy is strictly individual, and it is extremely difficult to predict. Therefore, it makes sense to try all PDE 5 inhibitors, before you put a cross in this way to treat erectile dysfunction. However, it will not come until the last, rest assured: generic viagra,