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Lavagem do Bonfim 2014 em Salvador!

Washing of the steps of the Church of Saint Bonfim! 

The homage to the Saint Bonfim in Bahia is very old. Although there is controversy about the origin in Africa or Portugal. The ceremony will take place on January 17th. 

A huge procession of devotes walk ten kilometers from salvador, starting from Largo da Conceição to the Largo do Bonfim. Baianas dressed in costume bring jars and pots filled with perfumed water to wash the symbolic steps of the Church.

The washing of Bonfim is the largest representationof the religious syncretism of the Bahian people, bringing together elements of the Catholic church and Candomble. The party, which began in 1754, gathers today nearly one million people in the Church of Saint Bonfim, represented by "Oxalá". With so many people must be aware and be careful with the camera and another things.

The celebration, which always happens on the second Thursday of January, officially begins at 10 am, also in the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição da praia. Bahian with white dresses and turbans, necklaces and large colorfulhoop earrings come in procession eight miles to the Church of Bonfim. As if it were an eletric trio behind the procession goes the crowd, led by block " Afoxé Sons of Gandhi". Once in the Bonfim, baianas wash the steps with perfumed water and the party continues into the afternoon, with people drinking and eating at the dozens of stalls acarajé armed in place. Enjoy what´s there to make the classic tour programs savior: refreshing taste the specialties of Ribeira Ice Cream ( coco verde, graviola, jenipapo, mangaba, sapoti, seriguela, tamarindo, tapioca, umbu...) and watch the Sunset at Fort Mont Serrat.

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